Thermoforming Applications

Learn more about thermoforming usage and applications.

custom thermoforming uses and applications

Thermoformed films extend the operating life of pump diaphragms in highly corrosive environments. Products thermoformed from thin films are used in labs to contain hazardous or corrosive materials. They are used in labs all across the globe to contain hazardous materials, from FEP funnels, petri dishes, well plate liners, gravimetric analysis baggies, beaker liners, and cap liners.

Thermoformed films can be found in tens of thousands of implantable medical devices, busbars for electric generating stations, the latest in unmanned military reconnaissance vehicles.
  • Thermoformed films have been used to insulate components in implantable medical devices
  • Heavy gauge film is thermoformed into protective jackets for large busbars in high voltage situations

Thermoformed fluoropolymers are used for mold liners in “sticky” situations

Thermoformed FEP is used to create overwrap bags that are used for cryogenic storage of tissue samples and cord blood. If you would like to learn more about thermoformed bags and pouches please contact us

Thermoformed films protect sophisticated electronics from moisture and the elements from pit set water meters to the latest UAV’s

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