High Performance Plastic Film
Custom Product Manufacturing

Ingeniven specializes in the custom fabrication of products made with high performance plastic film. Our ability to use thermoforming and precise heat sealing processes to produce unique three dimensional shapes has made us a trusted producer to leading engineers within NASA, the aerospace industry, medical device manufacturers and scientific research companies alike. Our primary service lines are:

  • Custom Heat Sealing
  • Custom Thermoforming
  • Custom Simulation Chambers
  • Engineering Workshops & Consulting

In addition to our custom thermoformed and heat sealed products made from thin plastics, Ingeniven offers a complete line of inert products including:

  • Lay Flat Bags
  • Pail and Drum Liners
  • Solvent Recovery Bags
  • Overwrap Bags
  • Laboratory Glove Boxes
  • Vacuum Bagging Kits.
ISO 9001 Certificate

Custom Thermoforming High Performance Films

Custom thermoforming high performance films like PTFE FEP, PFA, ETFE, Aclar, PEEK, and PEI and PC.

Custom Simulation Design And Fabrication

Smog chambers are used to investigate synthetic atmospheres comprising naturally occurring hydrocarbons as well as hydrocarbons from human sources….

High Performance Fluoropolymer Bags

All of our bags are produced in our new Hampton, NH facility using state of the art thermal impulse sealers to strict quality guidelines.

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David Midgley Jr. Talks About Custom Glove Bags and Simulation Chambers

David Midgley Jr. Talks About Custom Glove Bags and Simulation Chambers

One of the common requests we receive here at Ingeniven is for a high performance fluoropolymer bag with gloves attached.

High Performance Film Custom Manufacturing