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Broad Classification of plastics: Commodity Plastics, engineering plastics, and, High performance plastics

Plastics are typically divided into two major groups: Those that can be melted and reprocessed over and over again are called thermoplastics, while those that cannot be re-melted after they have been processed are called thermosets. Even though thermoplastics and thermosets are very different, they are characterized by their mechanical, thermal, physical, and electrical properties. Certain materials perform better than others with respect to these properties, thus giving rise to another classification of plastics.

Polymers that rank low in respect to certain physical properties are typically called “Commodity plastics”, and are used for products that require low cost and high volume. Examples of a commodity plastic are polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene.

Polymers that are better performing are called “Engineering Plastics.” These polymers carry a higher price tag and include acrylic, polycarbonate, and nylon.

Those polymers that rank highest with respect to these properties are called “High performance plastics.” These plastics operate over a very wide thermal range, and have excellent chemical, electrical, and moisture barrier properties. This class includes the fluoropolymers, Polyimides, polysulfone, and PEEK.

custom fabrication of high performance fluorinated ethylene propylene fep bags


Are a family of plastics that are characterized by strong carbon – fluorine bonds. They tend to have the following properties:

  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Outstanding electrical properties
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • High Price when compared to other plastics
  • Higher specific gravity
  • Higher tensile strength and tensile modulus
  • Lower ductility
  • Tend to be translucent or opaque rather than transparent
  • Higher fatigue resistance
  • More difficult to bond using adhesives and solvents
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