Our Heat Sealing & Thermoforming Product Focus

Ingeniven has developed unique capabilities with regards to thin film fabrication including:

  • Custom heat sealing
  • Custom thermoforming
  • Heat sealing and thermoforming consulting services An ever expanding line of thin film products.
  • Unique thin film products (custom bags and pouches, chambers, emergency water storage containers, solvent recovery bags, reaction vessel liners, vacuum bagging kits

When I started ingeniven, I knew that the key to our success would be to create a business that truly focuses on the relationship with our customers and vendors. Doing business should be fun and you should enjoy those people you interact with on a daily basis. We remain small and nimble and able to respond to our customers instantly. Ingeniven has become known for our creative problem solving and our willingness to perform above and beyond for all of our customers.

Ingeniven has been awarded contracts from NASA, two branches of the US military, FDA regulated companies, and a host of research institutions. Our quality system has been approved by FDA, NASA, military, and various commercial customers.

Coming from the world of fluoropolymer films I realized that the techniques required to successfully heat seal and vacuum form fluoropolymers would translate to other films as well. As a result we have been able to provide our lower cost alternatives such as nylons, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and urethanes.

David Midgley

High Performance Film Custom Manufacturing