PVF – Polyvinyl-Fluoride Applications

Polyvinyl-fluoride (abbreviate PVF) is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer that has low permeability for vapors, burns very slowly, and has excellent resistance to weathering and staining. It is also resistant to most chemicals, except ketones and esters. It is available as a film in a variety of colors, and formulations for various end uses, and as a resin for specialty coatings. It is usually available as a film product. Due to its very low permeability, PVF is used in almost all gas sampling bag applications. Recently the world wide demand for PVF has grown astronomically and as a result the price for this once inexpensive material has also increased.

Benefits & Liabilities of PVF


  • Low permeability
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Does not support combustion
  • Does not stain and is easily cleaned
  • Is heat sealable
  • Superior abrasion resistance
pfte polytetrafluoroethylene uses and benefits


  • High cost
  • Difficult to obtain

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