solvent recovery bag failure reasons
  • Posted June 15, 2019


More importantly does your supplier know…. Or do they even care?

Almost all solvent recovery bags (Still bags, solvent reclaim bags) are made from a form of Nylon film, and by its very nature, nylon film is hydrophilic. Basically, Nylon likes to absorb AND give up moisture readily. During the winter months when the air is dry, nylon loses moisture and becomes dry and brittle. It’s like putting panty hose in a dryer! This results in a loss of mechanical properties of the bag…. Seals fail, and you are literally left “Holding the bag”

Ingeniven conditions all of the bags that leave our facility and we package them in re-sealable moisture proof outer bags to help retain inherent moisture.

Our “Stil Saver” heavy gauge PTFE outer liners are a perfect addition to your process. When the risk of bag failure is too great for a standard solvent reclaim bag, our Still saver liner is a custom fabricated high temperature, multi layer PTFE “outer bag” that is virtually bulletproof and will last for months of constant use. Our Still Saver liners are designed to be used in conjunction with standard solvent reclaim bags…

If you want to learn more about how and why your bags are failing and what we can do to help eliminate costly and messy clean ups from failed bags, contact us directly.


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